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PolarStorm is a high output mobile air conditioner specifically designed for the rigors of use in trucks, RVs, ambulances, armored cars, and any other vehicles which need cooling while the engine is off. With a total weight of under 300 pounds, it is adaptable/configurable for mounting on just about any vehicle.

Polar Storm very efficiently produces from 21,000 BTUs of cooling at 25 amp current draw to 40,0000 BTUs at 40 amp current draw owing to a unique combination of :
• 150 amp, 48V lithium iron phosphate4 (LiFePO4) battery
• 6hp 48 volt AC, 3 phase motor
• industry standard 3 ton compressor.

PolarStorm draws only 25 amps @ 48 volts while running. However, owing to its enormous capacity for cooling, it runs for only 5 minutes at a time and rests for 10 minutes, drawing an average of 9.3 amps per hour. Herein lies the secret why PolarStorm can run for 10 to 12 hours on a single charge while keeping the sleeper environment cool.

PolarStorm draws ZERO current from the vehicle electrical system while the engine is turned off. The LiFePO4 battery receives a charge from the vehicle alternator only while the engine is running.


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Monthly Fuel Cost VS Estimated Loan Payments For PolarStorm

Cost of idling is based on fuel cost of $3.00/gallon, using 1 gallon per hour for 10 hours, 20 nights per month.

*Loan costs shown are approximate and are only for purposes of this comparison. Remember, PolarStorm has a 10 year lifetime, so you will be saving the full cost of idling after the loan is paid. Contact a lender for real-time numbers.