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Why is PolarStorm the best choice for mobile cooling?

• Incredibly rugged – Clamps to the frame and will remain there until you move it to your next vehicle.
• Maintenance-free, just set the thermostat and relax. No fuel to burn, filters or oil to change, or APU to rebuild.
• Completely circulates and filters the cabin air every 4 minutes. Easy to change, inexpensive air filters for a healthy environment.
• Total System weight under 300 pounds.
• The vehicle alternator completely recharges the PolarStorm battery in 7 hours of running. No need to upgrade the alternator on most vehicles.

Several excellent options:

• In the event the chassis batteries won’t start your vehicle, PolarStorm Reserve Power will. Never pay for a jump start again.
• Optional inverter to run CPAP from PolarStorm batteries all night long.
• The only system that will run your vehicle in the event of battery or alternator failure. Eliminate roadside repairs.
• 3 year warranty.

Will it run my battery down?

No. You never have to fear that PolarStorm will ever run your truck’s battery down.

While the truck is running, PolarStorm only draws a maximum of 100 amps from the truck alternator for short periods of time with an average hourly rate of only 25 amps.
With the engine shut off -OR- when the truck battery voltage drops below 12.8 volts, PolarStorm stops making demands on the truck battery system.
If PolarStorm has been operating for a longer time than recommended, no problem. But when PolarStorm’s battery pack gets below 44 volts, it will turn itself off until its battery pack is recharged back up to 48 volts. PolarStorm is very smart.

Will run when my engine is off?


The PolarStorm system is specifically designed to cool your sleeper cab while your engine is off. It is powered on its own LiFePo4 battery pack. Our patent pending Power Management Module builds highly efficient 48V 3-phase power for the compressor/fan motor. The amount of cooling is over 21,000 BTUs. PolarStorm will cool for a solid 12 hours when it is 90 degrees outside and you have it set to 70 degrees inside.
That’s with the engine OFF.
PolarStorm works even with the truck engine running… charging the LiFePo4 battery as the unit is cooling the sleeper. Everything is automatic. All you have to do is turn the unit on and set the temperature.

Why 48 volts?

The short answer: 48 Volt motors use 1/4th the current of 12 Volt motors to do the same work.

• Ohms Law says that Current = Resistance Divided by Voltage (I = R / V)
• One horsepower = 750 Watts (the work done by the compressor motor for example)
So here is a 1 Horsepower motor at 12 Volts DC :
V = 12v, R= 750w, I=Amps
750w / 12v = 62.5 Amps
And here is a 1 Horsepower motor at 48 Volts DC:
V = 48v, R= 750w, I=Amps
750w / 48v = 15.6 Amps

What are the advantages of 3-PhasePower?

Three-phase power is a type of Alternating current that uses 3 cycles instead of the normal 1 cycle. 3-phase is perfect for running heavy duty electric motors like the ones needed for an air conditioner compressor because 3-phase motors use about 1/3 less power to do the same work.
The 48 volt 3 phase system used in PolarStorm draws power slower than the rating of the batteries, therefore allowing the batteries to reach their maximum lifetime. Some electric air conditioners can draw 80 amps from a battery bank, far above the rating of the batteries resulting in a tragically short life of just a few years. PolarStorm draws just 20 amps, and combined with the system’s efficiency, allows the system to provide continuous cooling for 12 hours while running the compressor only one third of the time.