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• BTU output - 21,000
• Air Handler flow rate - 400 CFM. The blower can be run as a circulating fan.
• Air handler output temperature - 38 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Compressor noise level, under 60 decibels. SUPER QUIET!
• All hose connectors are SAE "O" ring ATCO Air-o-Crimp.
• The unit is comprised of a condenser module, compressor module, a battery box and an air handler. The inside equipment is the air handler and the battery box with the Power Management Module (PMM) and computer, mounted securely.


• The compressor motor is an A/C 6 HP, 3 phase, 48 volt motor. It is extremely efficient. At 21,000 BTU evaporator output, the horse power requirement is less than 2 HP to drive the compressor. The load is so small that the motor never even heats up.
• Compressor motor - 6hp (although only 2 hp is used), 48V AC, 3phase electric.
• Compressor - standard Sandon type automotive, 3 ton.
• Dimensions: 24" wide x 10" high and only 10” deep. The entire compressor module weighs 87 pounds.


• The modular condenser unit can be placed next to a vehicle frame rail, on the roof, or on the back of a vehicle.
• Housing can be custom fabricated of metal or fiberglass.


• Air handlers are module. Our standard is a 12” square cube (400 CFM output) that can be placed in a closet, or set on a counter, or ceiling mounted. We have the capability to build what works for you.
• Completely configurable for the specific vehicle cabin layout.


• LiFePo4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery is the primary power source, although installations can be made using AGM or lead acid battery pack. PolarStorm only draws current down to 48 volts at the rate of 25 amps per hour, but runs only 25% of the time or 6.5 amps per hour.
• It is housed in a steel container and weighs 150 lbs.
• The battery has a minimal life span of 2,000 deep cycles, four times that of other battery types such as AGM or flooded lead acid. A deep cycle is considered to be from fully charged (about 54.6 volts) to 40 volts with a current draw of 40 amps. PolarStorm never deep cycles the battery and never draws more than 25 amps.
• Charging the battery packs is accomplished with our proprietary Power Management Module that boosts alternator output from 12 volts to nominal 48 volts, never drawing over 80 amps at 12 VDC.
• The battery could last indefinitely. We warrant the battery to be free of defects for three full years. If it fails we will replace it for the cost of shipping.


• Standard 165 amp vehicle alternator is adequate for charging the house batteries and PolarStorm battery.
• PolarStorm has an optional capability (PolarReserve) that converts stored energy in the battery that is stepped down to 13.2 volts at maximum 50 amp draw, to recharge a flat house battery bank, or be used to replace alternator power for emergency running.


“CARB hereby approves the use of the PolarStorm System on any heavy duty diesel-fueled vehicle with a gross vehicle weight ra(ng over 10,000 pounds as mee(ng the requirements set forth In (tle13, CCR sec(on 2485(c)(3)(c)”
California Air Resources Board, July 28, 2017


air conditioner

We have designed several types of condensers to be used with our system. Our most standard is mounted on the rear of the sleeper, or it can go on a frame rail. The greater the condenser efficiency, the lower the current draw by the motor. In an all-electric environment, current reduction is king.


air conditioner


air conditioner

The compressor can also be mounted vertically. It can be mounted from the bottom of the armature on its vibration dampers or hung on the side of a frame rail as depicted in the following two photos.


air conditioner