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Basic Warranty

A 24 Month (2 years) parts warranty on all components, including the LiFePo4 battery is STANDARD and INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE PRICE. Ground Shipping Expenses are included during the first 12 months. Parts return of defective components is required. Up-to two hours of labor allowance ($170) will be provided if the replacement is a component manufactured by PolarStorm. These components are: circuit boards, internal hoses, and internal wiring harnesses.

PolarStorm Honors All Road Chill Warranties.

A small percentage of PolarStorm products are configured with telemetry interfaces, to allow the company to collect anonymous performance data for the purposes of product improvement. This data is not analyzed by customer, nor retained more than 30 days. Although location data is part of the data stream it is immediately deleted and not added to our performance database. EVERY CUSTOMER HAS THE OPTION OF SPECIFYING THAT THEIR UNITS NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE RANDOM SAMPLE OF SYSTEMS WE MONITOR.

If the customer has selected a downgrade to the Odyssey AGM battery, the battery is excluded from the Warranty Coverage provided by PolarStorm. The buyer will be provided information on how to activate the Odyssey supplied warranty.

Condition Reporting and Smart Phone Trigger Features are available on a “best efforts” basis, as it based on GSM network coverage and coverage is required at the time of packet transmission. (See https://ting.com/coverage?map=gsm#undefined for coverage map)

Warranty coverage is only provided if the Purchaser returns a completed INSTALLATION CHECK LIST, signed by the installer, within 14 days of the installation. The start day for warranty coverage will be the earlier of date on the INSTALLATION CHECK LIST, or 60 days from unit shipment from PolarStorm.

General Conditions


Discounts are available for firm, multiple unit orders with scheduled release dates.


Generally systems are built to order. Normal manufacturing lead times are 6-9 weeks. PolarChill strives to keep several complete systems in stock for immediate shipment, but cannot guarantee that they will always be available.


Pricing is FOB Tarpon Springs Florida. The approximate shipping weight is 550 pounds and requires a forklift or lift gate to unload.


Sales Tax, if applicable is the responsibility of the purchaser.